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Enjoy various sights with Hot Air Balloon Dubai adding more thrill to your adventure. We offer experience for every age all designed up in our standard adventure packages. Hotair Balloon Flight Dubai is determined to take you as high as you can imagine.

The magic of our balloon ride does not end here but it’s all a start, so this time visiting Dubai make your trip more reliable and exciting.

We at this organization aim to deliver a majestic flight above the desert of Dubai with super safety precaution services to our beloved customers. A hot air balloon flight makes every adventure thrilling. Make your moments special with your families and loved ones.

Book your amazing flight and keep your adventure going with us. Dubai`s breathtaking landscapes are every person’s dream, grab the ride this time to experience it with some BALLOON THRILL!  So book a ride with us and get to a higher level while enjoying perfect sights.

Fly With Us And Have An Unforgettable Experience In Dubai!



Transform Your Hot Air Ballooning Trip into Mesmerizing One

What We Offer

• A balloon ride with great memories to remember about, our flights are open for every age. • Extra adventures like camel ride, breakfast at DUBAI safari desert and transport for your ease in travel. • Affordable discounts designed by our tourists' experts

Customized Hot Balloon Flight

Make special bookings for your loved ones if it is a celebration of your anniversary or your birthday, arrange it with us with majestic memories. A private balloon ride is available. Hot air balloon packages are waiting at your doorstep, just book them now and experience moments with your loved ones.

Security & Excellent Services

Security is the main concern of ours. Professional tourist guides have been working at our organization for many years now and they know how to control the weather conditions and balloons density. It's time to unlock the real adventure and live fearlessly.


Dubai Hot Air Balloon Packages

You can never have enough fun when you're in Dubai. We make sure to provide unmatched services to passengers through our packages. You have the freedom to choose the package you like the most. From standard to deluxe to adventure packages, enjoy your trip with us and make your day even more special with your partner. Ariel views are quiet famous in Dubai. We make sure to provide unmatched services to passengers through our packages. You have the freedom to choose the package you like the most. From standard to deluxe adventure packages, enjoy your trip with us, Make your days special with partner of yours. Three packages are being designed by our experts keeping in view all your financial budget. You just have to buy a flight; adventure is our service to offer.



Adult Price: AED 1000 INC. VAT

Child Price: AED 1100 INC. VAT

Age: *Adult (12-80) *Child (5-12)



Adult Price: AED 1209 INC. VAT

Child Price: AED 1149 INC. VAT

Age: *Adult (12-80) *Child (5-12)



Adult Price: AED 1399 INC. VAT

Child Price: AED 1199 INC. VAT

Age: *Adult (12-80) *Child (5-12)

We Create Moments, Dreams, Adventures And Wonders

Be The Sunshine, And Lift Up Your Adventure With Our Hot Air Balloon Flight

We are an organization in Dubai offering an adventurous tour of hot air balloon to those who choose to breeze through the air. Our experts have been providing affordable services and packages to our tourists visiting Dubai for about 5 years. Hot air balloon Dubai is focused on the safety and security of the passengers. Tourist experts and guides are working at our organization to plan your adventure in Dubai`s desert. We will take your moment to seize for some time as we know how to fulfill our clients' requirements and imaginations.

Common Question

Asked Questions
  • How Is The Flight Secured?

    Hot air balloon Dubai has experienced pilots having a vast experience in hot air balloons flight you can completely satisfy yourself by their UAE authenticated license by having a flight of hours and one of the best records throughout.

  • How can we book this experience/flight?

    To book this mesmerizing experience you can visit our website. All of your queries are answered there and if you have any in mind you can contact us and have a quick response about it. Bookings are available all through the year, you can book them any time you want completely depends upon you.

  • How Many Passengers Can Fly In A Balloon?

    We are utilizing two sorts of balloons - One with a limit of 20 Travelers and different has the limit of 24 Travelers yet because of the ongoing situation encompassing Coronavirus the limit has been decreased to 16 Travelers and 20 Travelers separately.

  • What Should I Wear Throughout The Flight?

    The climate in the Dubai desert is altogether different than in the city. During the day, baggy attire and shoes that you can undoubtedly take off (back-peddles/shoes/straps) are recommended. May to October: Free attire, shorts, shirts, etc November to April: Dress in layers. It can turn out to be very chilly in the desert when the sun has set. Particularly between December to February, the temperature can get less than ten degrees Celsius. Pants, shut shoes, shirts, pullovers or even a coat is expected on cooler evenings in the desert.

  • Is There Anyone Who Can’t Take The Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    Despite the fact that ballooning is extremely protected, there are a couple of travelers that sadly will not have the option to go along with us: • Women over 90 days pregnant • Youngsters more youthful than 5 years of age • Anybody that has had significant medical procedure over the most recent a half year • Anybody that has had a wrecked leg/arm over the most recent a half year • Anybody who experiences persistent back or neck torment

  • How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in Dubai?

    We have been offering affordable packages designed according to tourists' financial budget. Just go through it and select a suitable package.

  • What Would Be Your Do`s And Dont`s List?

    Make sure to wake up early, set your alarms. The best way to get this adventure done is the sunlight so just don’t miss it. Bring cameras and leave all of your extra stuff at the hotels as it may affect the balloons' weight. Make sure to keep some extra cash with you so it may assist you with side snacks during the ride.

  • Is The Weather Will Be Cold Or Hot Out There?

    The weather in Dubai is unpredictable. It sometimes is hot but during the flight it gives a little chilling effect so just grab clothes that may give you comfort in both kinds of weather. Deserts also have rusted air so it also can ruin your clothes so just keep all that in mind.

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