• Who Controls The Safety Standard Of The Balloon Flight?

    Hot air balloon Dubai has experienced pilots having a vast experience in hot air balloons flight you can completely satisfy yourself by their UAE authenticated license by having a flight of hours and one of the best records throughout.

  • How Long Does The Tour Last And What Is The Landing Area?

    All events are completely organized in a proper framework by our team workers mostly the flight is of 1 hour but it is also customized by the customers choices .The landing always depends on the wind moving around Dubai so the team at the ground moves with the balloon and will help us in landing towards the ground.

  • How Can We Book Hot Air Balloon Flight?

    To book the ride you can have a tour of our website, contacts concerning have also been mentioned for answering all your queries. Hot air balloon flights are available all throughout the year, you can look for a suitable package and grab the opportunity now. Moreover, if you want to know anything about the flight timings and arrangements email us for a quick response.

  • How Long Does The Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    Our Hot Air Balloon Rides are of normally an hour in the air most mornings. After you land we drive you to a Bedouin camp with a ride in a 1950s classic Land Meanderer to partake in a connoisseur breakfast. The entire visit goes on around 4-6 hours. We will call you between 6pm-8.30pm, the night prior to your trip to affirm your accurate get time.

  • How Many Passengers Are Allowed In The Basket?

    We are offering two types of balloon baskets having capacity of 20 to 24 passengers at a time. While the average of the passengers varies upon the weight. Due to some ongoing coronavirus situation passengers have been reduced to 20.

  • How is it paid, is it in dollars?

    We have the most affordable prices range mostly done at AED1100 including VAT.We have discounts in on every event of ours . Sometimes it is 50% and gradually goes down up to 10%. Our first priority is to offer customers a complete affordable budget, so their adventure does not get affected.

  • What Should Be The Dress Code For The Flight?

    The dress code must be selected wisely as the weather in Dubai can change at the last minute and deserts also have humid air that can affect your clothes. Try to wear clothes in layers, wear soft clothes and cover it with something you would be comfortable in. Don’t wear heels or shorts that would irritate you during the flight.

  • Who Are Not Allowed To Take The Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    People who are suffering from heart diseases or recently had some major surgeries are not allowed to take the ride. While women's who are pregnant are would also be unable to take the opportunity. Children over 5 years are allowed to be with their guardians.