Experience the Adventure: Your Ultimate Guide to Attend the Plano Balloon Festival

Have you ever looked at the sky, watching a bright cluster of sight-seeing balloons gracefully floating above you? Assuming this is the case, prepare to take your balloon fascination to new heights at the Plano Balloon Festival! This spectacular occasion is not just your average festival; it’s an experience that will leave you with a miracle.

From breathtaking balloon rides to stunning evening-time shine shows, this extreme site will explore you through each aspect of going to the Plano Balloon Festival. So, please keep reading and learning about this remarkable festival as we dive into all the excitement and adventure in Texas.

Introduction to the Plano Balloon Festival

The Plano Balloon Festival is an annual occasion held in Plano, Texas. It is one of the state’s most prominent tourist balloon festivals and has been a cherished tradition for over 40 years. The festival takes over three days and attracts thousands of visitors from all around the country.

The primary fascination of the festival is, of course, the sight-seeing balloons. Over 50 colourful and unique balloons take flight consistently during morning and night ascensions, making a stunning visual display against the background of the unmistakable blue skies. The festival also features various events such as live music performances, carnival rides, delicious food vendors, arts and crafts booths, and more.

History of the Festival

The Plano Balloon Festival was first organized by nearby propane gas company members in 1979 as a festival to thank their customers. Which started as a small occasion with just six tourist balloons, has now developed into a marvelously organized festival that draws crowds from all over.

Hot Air Balloons at the Festival:

At this festival, you can see hot air balloons in various shapes and sizes. From traditional round-shaped balloons to whimsical designs like animals or cartoon characters, there is something for everybody on this occasion. Every year brings new additions to the lineup, making each festival experience unique.

The Plano Balloon Festival, also known as the InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival, is an annual occasion in Plano, Texas. The festival draws thousands of visitors yearly and has become a beloved tradition for locals and tourists alike. In any case, how did this festival become? Let’s take a journey through the history of the Plano Balloon Festival.

The first-ever Plano Balloon Festival was held in 1980 at Oak Point Park. It was organized by local hot-air balloon enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for ballooning with their community. The inaugural festival featured just six balloons and attracted about 5,000 individuals.

Over the years, the festival filled in popularity and size. In 1984, it moved to its ongoing location at the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, which offered a larger space for more balloons to take flight. At this point, the festival also added events such as live music performances, skydiving demonstrations, and hot air balloon races.

In 1992, tragedy struck when one of the balloons hit electrical cables during a night gleam at the festival. Unfortunately, two individuals on board were killed in the accident. Despite this tragedy, the organizers were determined to make a big difference for the festival and carried out new safety measures to ensure that such an incident could at absolutely no point ever happen in the future.

As years passed, the Plano Balloon Festival continued to fill in popularity and attract more attendees from all over Texas.

Location and Dates

Location: The Plano Balloon Festival is held annually at the Oak Point Park in Plano located in TEXAS. This beautiful park spans over 800 acres and provides a stunning backdrop for the festival.

Located just north of Dallas, Plano is easily accessible from major highways and airports. The festival grounds are right off the Parker Road exit on US-75, making it convenient for locals and visitors to attend.

Dates: This year, the Plano Balloon Festival will occur from September 20th to September 22nd. The festival mostly starts on Friday evening with a spectacular balloon shine occasion, where balloons light up the night sky in a mesmerizing display. Saturday and Sunday are loaded with various activities and events, including live music performances, food vendors, arts and crafts booths, a carnival area for kids, and hot air balloon launches.

It’s essential to note that these dates are subject to change because of weather conditions. Hot air ballooning is basically concerned according  to the weather conditions such as wind speed and bearing. In case of unfavourable weather conditions during the scheduled dates, the festival may be postponed or rescheduled for safety reasons.

Attending the Plano Balloon Festival is a rare experience that you definitely don’t want to miss. With colourful hot air balloons, live music, food vendors, and family-accommodating activities, it’s no surprise that this festival attracts thousands of visitors consistently. To make the most out of your visit, planning and understanding the ticket information and pricing is essential.

Types of Tickets Available

Several types of tickets are available for the Plano Balloon Festival, each offering different access and perks. The general admission ticket grants passage into the festival grounds, which includes access to all balloon launches, live entertainment stages, food vendors, and kids’ zones.

If you want a more elevated experience, you can settle on the celebrity tickets, which come in two tiers: Platinum celebrity and Gold celebrity. These tickets offer additional benefits such as favoured parking, private restrooms, complimentary food and drinks, exclusive viewing areas for balloon launches and concerts, souvenir shirts, and more.

For families with young kids or individuals with special needs who may need additional help during the festival, there is an Accessible Viewing Area (AVA) pass available. This pass provides an accessible area close to accessible parking where guests can see balloon launches comfortably.

Pricing Information

The pricing for tickets varies depending on factors such as age, the kind of ticket selected, and whether they are purchased in or out. The general admission ticket starts from 10 Dollars; if we talk about VIP experiences, it is 50 Dollars.

The Plano Balloon Festival is not just about watching colourful hot air balloons in the sky. It is an undeniable occasion with various activities and entertainment options for people of all ages. From live music to food trucks, there is something for everyone at this festival.

Top Activities at Plano Balloon Festival

Here are some of the top activities and events that you can anticipate at the Plano Balloon Festival:

1. Hot Air Balloon Launch

Of course, the festival’s main attraction is the hot air balloon launch, which takes place twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. This is when you can witness over 40 vibrant hot air balloons take flight and fill the sky with mesmerizing colour. Make sure to arrive early to secure a decent spot for viewing.

2. Night Glow

One of the most popular events at the Plano Balloon Festival is undoubtedly the Night Glow. This enchanting display occurs on Friday and Saturday evenings, where magical hot air balloons light up in sync with music, creating a magical experience for guests.

3. Kids Fun Zone at Plano Balloon Festival

The festival also caters to its younger audience with an entire section dedicated to kids’ activities, Kids Fun Zone. Children will have a memorable time here with jumping castles, face painting, interactive games, and other fun attractions.

4. Live Music

Music lovers will be pleased to realize that local bands will perform live performances throughout the day at designated stages.

Details about Hot Air Balloon Launches

Hot air balloon launches are one of the Plano Balloon Festival’s most glorious and exciting events. Each year, dozens of brightly-hued balloons take to the skies, creating a breathtaking landscape for festival lovers. If you plan on attending the festival, here is everything you want to realize about these majestic hot air balloon launches.

When and where do these launches take place?

The hot air balloon launches at the Plano Balloon Festival typically occur in the morning and evening. The exact timing may vary daily depending on weather conditions, but usually around 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. These times are ideal because it’s when the winds are calmest, making it easier for pilots to control their balloons.

The launches happen in a designated area called “the launch field,” near Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve in East Plano. This open field provides vast space for all participating balloons to take off safely.

What can you expect during a hot air balloon launch?

As you make your way towards the launch field, you’ll see many colourful balloons inflated by intense fans blowing air into them. Once completely grown, burners add heat to expand the air inside and lift the balloon off the ground.

You’ll notice that each balloon has its unique shape and design. Some seem animal-printed, while others have vibrant patterns or advertising logos. It’s an incredible sight to see these massive objects slowly rising into the sky with their

Tips for Attending the Festival

Try to arrive early

In addition to the fact that there are special performances [like sky divers], you’re more likely to have the option to enjoy and experience all the adventures at the Plano Balloon Festival if you arrive early.

Put your name on the list for a balloon ride

Suppose you want to ride a balloon while at the Plano Balloon Festival try to sign up your name on the list as soon as you arrive. Otherwise, the line will get unpleasantly lengthy and potentially limit your chances of taking that fantastic ride.

Bring cash with you

Parking, admissions gates, and kid zones are entirely cash-free. A suitable thing about it is that everyone there accepts bank cards. The location has an ATM; however, the line can be extremely lengthy, so bring some.

Sunscreen and insect repellent are your friends during this festival.

The Plano Balloon Festival is usually celebrated at outdoors in Texas. For your comfort, wear sunscreen and spray a lot of insect repellant sprays.

Try to Wear comfortable Clothes

The Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival is celebrated annually in the fall, yet it can still be relatively warm. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and loose clothes for the humidity. You’ll also end up sitting on the ground in some areas, so wear clothes that can get dirty.

Parking and Transportation Options

Parking is an occasion in and of itself. Speaking of parking, purchase parking before you arrive if you can. There are different levels of parking available. VIP will get you closest to the occasion. So make sure to book it early or book pre-orders. It will advantage you the most. Because the Plano Balloon Festival is not crowded, we are talking about 90,000 guests. So plan it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Where does the Plano Balloon Festival take place?

Oak Point Park  Plano, Texas 2801 E. Spring Creek Parkway

Q2.How long will the Plano balloon festival be going on?

It has become a tradition that is followed, and the count is 42 years from now.

Q3.Is it the largest festival?

Plano Balloon Festival is the most significant festival, having about 900,000 guests every year.

Q4.Is the Plano festival free, or does it requires entry free?

Yes, the admission expense is $10,$5 for children 3-12 years old and Seniors 65 and over, and Free for Kids 36″ and under.


Plano Balloon Festival is a glamorous occasion of the year, and people should attend this festival more and more, not just for fun but to view the different cultural traditions of Texas. I hope this guide has provided you with the information you seek.So, plan your trip now and experience the unmatched beauty of the World.

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